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How to do Private browsing in Mozilla Firefox browser

When we browse internet using browsers with default settings we leave the foot prints of the pages we visited.The foot print captured involves page details, form entries,search keywords and strings used, cookies, passwords etc.. When you are browsing on PC/Laptop that is just being used yourself leaving the foot print does not matter much, but if the computer is shared …

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Clear DNS Cache on computers and servers

After you change your DNS Servers in your desktops or laptops or routers they might not get applied immediately until you restart the device. To get the DNS changes applied immediately clear DNS Cache.Also when you visit websites in internet the hostnames are cached for faster loading of pages. If the IP of address has changed and if your cache …

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Remove personal information from pictures in Windows

When you take a photograph apart from the photo there is whole lot of your personal information that gets attached to the photo.The details that are present in  the photo are when the photo was taken, where the photo was taken(coordinates(Latitude and Longitude of the place)),how the photo was taken(Camera details and exposure details).In a nutshell  lot of sensitive information …

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