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How secure is my password – Guide to set strong passwords


When you set password for any application or any system you should first ask How secure is my password? Can your password be guessed and cracked by brute force easily? Hacking is one of most thriving areas where password hackers use various techniques to randomly predict your passwords using various permutations and combinations. We have seen in the recent past …

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Enable YouTube Parental controls in android for Safe Search


Our kids today spend most of their time in digital world.Around  9% of the online population is in the age group between 2 to 11 and the reports state that our spend kids most of their time watching videos online. YouTube is widely used by kids for watching videos of various rhymes , their favourite cartoon characters etc and as …

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Track your lost android phone using phone finder feature


Mobile phones have very much become integral part of our life and we store all kind of sensitive data in our mobiles. We use our mobiles for banking needs,online shopping , browse various of our social accounts. Since we use our phone to do financial transactions and other secure transactions it is very important that we protect our phones from …

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How to enable two factor Authentication in your Google account


Two factor authentication is a security process introduced to enable higher security for various online accounts and networks.In first level authentication users are required to provide information like username/password which is first validated and in second level of authentication users need to enter a PIN or a code that will be messaged to you via SMS or through a telephone …

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How to do Private browsing in Mozilla Firefox browser


When we browse internet using browsers with default settings we leave the foot prints of the pages we visited.The foot print captured involves page details, form entries,search keywords and strings used, cookies, passwords etc.. When you are browsing on PC/Laptop that is just being used yourself leaving the foot print does not matter much, but if the computer is shared …

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How to find IMEI number in Android,iPhone and iPad devices


IMEI – International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or shortly called as IMEI number is a unique number provided to every mobile device which is used by GSM network to validate the phone. This tracking number becomes handy when the phone is stolen and on informing the same to network provider they  can trace the phone and make it unusable. When …

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How to make YouTube Kids safe


YouTube has really become part of  every kid where parent’s use this medium to show useful videos to enrich their kids skills. Today  kids spend most of their time in YouTube  videos by watching various cartoon videos,super hero videos etc. and there is high chance that they can land up with inappropriate content not suitable for their age. YouTube  has really informative …

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How to safely discard hard disks


When the time arrives to recycle your PC or Hard Disk we need to be extra careful to make sure that the data stored in the PC is completely wiped off. Just deleting the files or formatting is not enough and still there can be references to files using which the deleted data can be recoverd. There has been instances …

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Free password safe tool to store passwords

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool

In our day to day life we have to deal with multiple accounts from banking accounts to various other website accounts and it is becoming difficult to remember the account details.Password Safe Tool is a free password safe tool which helps to store various account details and its password safely. This is a desktop tool and will work only in …

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