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Creating facebook ads targeting external facebook campaign landing pages


If you are doing an online business or selling any products online then you have to consider Facebook marketing in your strategy to promote your products. When you create a advertisement  using Facebook you can direct the users to your Facebook fan page or to an external Facebook campaign landing page. If you want to increase your fans for your Fan page …

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How to convert VHS to DVD or other video formats


VHS has almost become obsolete or we can say it is almost dead now. We are completely into digital videos these days. But if you have tons of your older video collections in VHS and if it contains your precious memories or films stored in those VHS tapes then you can go ahead and convert VHS to DVD format and store them in your …

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How to download all YouTube videos in a playlist or a channel


YouTube is one of the most widely used website by majority of the internet users. Different age groups visit YouTube for various purposes ranging  from learning tutorials to listening music, watching movies etc. These frequently watched videos can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be viewed as many times as you want without wasting the internet bandwidth usage.If you …

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How to do wifi speed test to check your wifi performance


Most of us today have wifi enabled at home and we have multiple devices that gets connected to wifi router. With advanced wifi routers available in the market we get similar kind of internet speed that we get in wired networks. When you feel that your wifi is not performing upto the mark it is time to do wifi speed test and identify the bottleneck. …

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Check your income tax refund status online


Most of us do proper calculation and submit all our investment details to our employers to ensure they deduct right amount of TDS (Tax deducted at Source).  Inspite of that at the last moment we find that we have paid more tax to the Government and we keep waiting for the government  to process our income tax refund. If you …

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How to run android apps on PC


Mobile and Mobile apps have become integral part of us. We use mobile apps for various purposes like games, entertainment, online purchases,banking transactions and much more. We are glued to mobile most  of the time  other than work timings and we are used to these apps so much and  always feel how great it will be to have the same …

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How secure is my password – Guide to set strong passwords


When you set password for any application or any system you should first ask How secure is my password? Can your password be guessed and cracked by brute force easily? Hacking is one of most thriving areas where password hackers use various techniques to randomly predict your passwords using various permutations and combinations. We have seen in the recent past …

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How to register a company in India (Private Limited Companies)


We see many youngsters taking the Entrepreneurial route and not only that many NRI’s are returning back to India with aim to start their own company. In this how to guide I am going to detail on how to register a company in India and share information on how to start a private limited company in India. As per the …

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Enable YouTube Parental controls in android for Safe Search


Our kids today spend most of their time in digital world.Around  9% of the online population is in the age group between 2 to 11 and the reports state that our spend kids most of their time watching videos online. YouTube is widely used by kids for watching videos of various rhymes , their favourite cartoon characters etc and as …

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How to merge pdf files and split pdf files


In this how to guide let us walk through the steps on how to merge pdf files and split pdf files. Most of us when we scan documents with multiple pages we would get each page as individual pdf document. If we do not merge pdf file it will be cumbersome to manage so many documents. When we need to …

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