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Tips to improve Youtube video quality [Infographic]


YouTube has become integral part of us,To relax and spend time we hit YouTube to watch some funny videos, To learn some new stuff we hit YouTube and watch some tutorials. We are now in a position where we cannot imagine a world without YouTube. There are many videos which are available in really high resolution.Don’t we go really wild …

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How to download all YouTube videos in a playlist or a channel


YouTube is one of the most widely used website by majority of the internet users. Different age groups visit YouTube for various purposes ranging  from learning tutorials to listening music, watching movies etc. These frequently watched videos can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be viewed as many times as you want without wasting the internet bandwidth usage.If you …

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Enable YouTube Parental controls in android for Safe Search


Our kids today spend most of their time in digital world.Around  9% of the online population is in the age group between 2 to 11 and the reports state that our spend kids most of their time watching videos online. YouTube is widely used by kids for watching videos of various rhymes , their favourite cartoon characters etc and as …

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YouTube preload videos to watch later in Android


When the internet connection is poor or if you have low signal strength, we will have tough time to load YouTube videos seamlessly.Most of the times it would be stuck up at buffering or loading action and will be struggling to find the bandwidth to load the videos.If you are on Android then you can enable Youtube preload videos  setting which …

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How to make YouTube Kids safe


YouTube has really become part of  every kid where parent’s use this medium to show useful videos to enrich their kids skills. Today  kids spend most of their time in YouTube  videos by watching various cartoon videos,super hero videos etc. and there is high chance that they can land up with inappropriate content not suitable for their age. YouTube  has really informative …

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Create photo slideshow video using Youtube


In Windows we normally use Windows movie maker or a third party tool to create a video containing photo slideshow. We can also create such videos easily using Youtube. To create photo slideshow in Youtube you need to sign in to Youtube using your google account and then click Upload   You will see a Photo Slideshow option with Create …

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Play Youtube videos from a specific time interval


When you link Youtube videos in your blog posts or in your websites did you ever wanted the video to play from a specific time interval?. There are multiple ways to  play Youtube videos from a specific time interval instead of playing it from start. 1. Play the Youtube video.Inside the player right click and in context menu you will …

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Download Youtube Videos


Did you like any video in Youtube and wanted to  download to your system?. KeepVid.com has made the download youtube videos function so easy.To Donwload youtube Videos all you need to do is get the Youtube URL of the video which you are interested to download. The URL of any video will be similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLnZMjJ8bY and can be seen …

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