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How to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app

Do you have two computers and would want to access them remotely? Then you  need to know on how to access remote desktop using various free and paid tools available. Let us briefly explain to you what remote desktop means. Remote desktop is a feature which allows you to access another computer remotely without your physical presence being next to computer. There …

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How to install Chrome apps for desktop

In Windows OS we are used to installing applications at desktop level. With the invent of various mobile platforms we have seen many app stores getting launched catering to corresponding mobile Operating Systems. Google was the first to launch a web store for its Chrome web browser and Chromebook. Google’s idea was to treat Chrome browser as an operating System …

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How to use Do Not Track feature in Google Chrome

Do Not Track is a technology proposal launched to help users to opt out from tracking done by websites. Initially this feature was launched by Mozilla browser and later followed by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other leading browsers. If this feature is enabled then  as part of request header the information is sent to websites stating that the user …

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Build virtual LEGO blocks using Google Chrome

If you are a LEGO fan and addicted to building creative buildings and towers using LEGO blocks,  Google Chrome in collaboration with LEGO has launched a virtual tool to build creative towers using Google Chrome Browser. There is no limit for your creative mind and the virtual bricks can be used to construct towers or buildings based on your creative …

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Private browsing using Google Chrome

Private browsing is a feature which is available in majority of the browsers. We will need this feature when we do not want to leave a trace of our browsing history,cookies etc. This feature will  be handy when you access the internet from other computers or when you surf internet from internet browsing centers. Google Chrome has incognito mode using …

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