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Tips to improve Youtube video quality [Infographic]


YouTube has become integral part of us,To relax and spend time we hit YouTube to watch some funny videos, To learn some new stuff we hit YouTube and watch some tutorials. We are now in a position where we cannot imagine a world without YouTube. There are many videos which are available in really high resolution.Don’t we go really wild …

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Kindle app for android devices


Kindle is the invention from Amazon which changed the way  eBooks were handled. This device  gave the reader the feel as if they were holding the book in their hand and turn the pages one after another. The device revolutionized the eBook space by providing an innovative reading experience for electronic content. Amazon has released Kindle app for various platforms to have …

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How to download all YouTube videos in a playlist or a channel


YouTube is one of the most widely used website by majority of the internet users. Different age groups visit YouTube for various purposes ranging  from learning tutorials to listening music, watching movies etc. These frequently watched videos can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be viewed as many times as you want without wasting the internet bandwidth usage.If you …

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Android History – A Visual Timeline of Various Versions [Infographic]


Android is one of the leading mobile OS which has a huge market share. If we trace back Android history it was initially founded in 2003 by Android Inc and later acquired by Google in 2005.Android OS is the one which gives tough competition to iOS Platform. After its introduction there has always been a tough fight between both the …

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How to run android apps on PC


Mobile and Mobile apps have become integral part of us. We use mobile apps for various purposes like games, entertainment, online purchases,banking transactions and much more. We are glued to mobile most  of the time  other than work timings and we are used to these apps so much and  always feel how great it will be to have the same …

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How to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app


Do you have two computers and would want to access them remotely? Then you  need to know on how to access remote desktop using various free and paid tools available. Let us briefly explain to you what remote desktop means. Remote desktop is a feature which allows you to access another computer remotely without your physical presence being next to computer. There …

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Enable YouTube Parental controls in android for Safe Search


Our kids today spend most of their time in digital world.Around  9% of the online population is in the age group between 2 to 11 and the reports state that our spend kids most of their time watching videos online. YouTube is widely used by kids for watching videos of various rhymes , their favourite cartoon characters etc and as …

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How to install Chrome apps for desktop


In Windows OS we are used to installing applications at desktop level. With the invent of various mobile platforms we have seen many app stores getting launched catering to corresponding mobile Operating Systems. Google was the first to launch a web store for its Chrome web browser and Chromebook. Google’s idea was to treat Chrome browser as an operating System …

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Track your lost android phone using phone finder feature


Mobile phones have very much become integral part of our life and we store all kind of sensitive data in our mobiles. We use our mobiles for banking needs,online shopping , browse various of our social accounts. Since we use our phone to do financial transactions and other secure transactions it is very important that we protect our phones from …

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How to enable two factor Authentication in your Google account


Two factor authentication is a security process introduced to enable higher security for various online accounts and networks.In first level authentication users are required to provide information like username/password which is first validated and in second level of authentication users need to enter a PIN or a code that will be messaged to you via SMS or through a telephone …

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