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How to run android apps on PC

Mobile and Mobile apps have become integral part of us. We use mobile apps for various purposes like games, entertainment, online purchases,banking transactions and much more. We are glued to mobile most  of the time  other than work timings and we are used to these apps so much and  always feel how great it will be to have the same …

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How to make PC faster using pc optimizer tools

When you notice degradation in your computer’s performance, identifying the root cause and to fix it can be a daunting task. In this  How to make pc faster guide I am going to walk you through some simple steps which will help you to identify the areas where your PC is not doing well and you will also be able …

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How to safely discard hard disks

When the time arrives to recycle your PC or Hard Disk we need to be extra careful to make sure that the data stored in the PC is completely wiped off. Just deleting the files or formatting is not enough and still there can be references to files using which the deleted data can be recoverd. There has been instances …

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