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How to change DNS Servers in iPhone or iPad

DNS – Domain name system is a service which translates the URL entered in a web browser to its actual IP address of the internet server where the website is deployed. DNS Servers perform the role of phone book by identifying the right IP address for the URL entered and pushes the requests to the destination server. When a internet …

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How to find IMEI number in Android,iPhone and iPad devices

IMEI – International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or shortly called as IMEI number is a unique number provided to every mobile device which is used by GSM network to validate the phone. This tracking number becomes handy when the phone is stolen and on informing the same to network provider they  can trace the phone and make it unusable. When …

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How to reset Home Screen icons in iPad or iPhone to default

When we purchase iPhone or iPad initially it comes loaded with set of applications and those application icons are laid out in the home screen layout.Over a period of time we would have installed many applications and  would have grouped various applications into  folders and there is also a possible chance that the arrangement of icons are messed up and …

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How to take screenshot in iPad or iPhone

When we work on iPad or iPhone at some instances we would need to take screenshot and send to others for some reference  so that they understand what we are referring to.To take screenshot in iPad or iPhone is very simple and can be done just by click of two buttons.You will use Home button which is a centered button …

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Enable emoticons and smiley faces in iPhone and iPad

The presence of emoticons in the messages helps users to express their feelings in more lively manner and the receipient by looking at emoticons can understand the mood and feelings of the sender.By deafult iPhone and iPad running iOS6 or iOS7 do not have emoticons enabled. To enable emoticons in the key board it has to be enabled from Settings. …

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Apple Mac Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Apple Mac Completed its 30th year on January 24th 2014 and to celebrate this Apple has released an Video compiling the various milestones it has achieved in the past years and how the various industries have embraced Mac and has become part of their life to improve their productivity.Steve Jobs released Mac to the World in 1984 and was recieved with …

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