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Capture screenshot in Windows

Most of us at one point or other will have a requirement to capture screenshot from the active window or other windows that are opened in windows desktop system.There are many freewares available to capture screenshot  and Windows Operation system also has a native screen capture tool. Greesnhot is a free and open source screen capture tool and can be downloaded from http://getgreenshot.org/

After downloading the software follow the onscreen instructions and during installation would prompt to ask if the tool need to be started while starting Windows, Check that option and finish the installation. After the installation is done the PrtSc(Print Screen ) key would be mapped for Screen Capture. The tool will be minimized and located in Tray Icon located at bottom right in desktop.You will note a icon with G and on pressing the tool options menu will be shown.

2014-01-14 20_35_08-capture-screen-shot-windows-1

To capture screen shot press PrtSc which will bring a Pointer using which you can drag a rectangle around the area which needs to be captured and after the region is captured the following menu will be displayed.2014-01-14 20_35_08-capture-screen-shot-windows-2


There are various short cut keys available to capture the full window press Ctrl Key + PrtSc Key,To Capture only the active window Press Alt Key + PrtSc Key, To Capture the last active region press Shift + PrtSc key.

After Capturing screen shot if we need to add any information like drawing rectangle,arrow mark ,after the screen is captured open in image editor available click the option Open in image editor

2014-01-14 20_35_08-capture-screen-shot-windows-3There are various options available which will come handy to manipulate the image captured.One of the important feature which will come handy is to make portion of screen captured blurry to hide some sensitive details in the screen.In the Editor Press the Key O which will invoke the Obfusicate tool and identify the area that needs to blurred and the region shown will be blurred.

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The tool is a open source tool and hence can be used without any restrictions for both personal and commercial purpose.



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