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How to Burn DVD or CD in Windows 7

If you are on Windows 7 or above then we do not need any third party tools to burn DVD or CD in windows 7. We can easily burn DVD or CD in Windows 7 using the native steps. To start the burning process place a blank DVD or CD in the read/write drive in the PC/Laptop and follow the step by step instructions outlined below

1. After placing a blank DVD/CD locate your DVD drive Letter in My Computer and double click the drive



2. Enter the Disc Title and Select With a CD/DVD Player option and Click Next

3. Now Drag the files that needs to be copied to this Drive or Copy and Paste files that needs to be burned to the drive.


4. Right Click and Select Burn to Disc


5. In the below window make sure the Disc title is present and also choose the Recording speed. This option will depend upon your drive speed and it is advisable not to choose very high speeds even though if it is available as faster speeds might result in error’s while burning the disc.


6. The burn process will begin now and after the process gets completed the disc will be ejected from the drive


Using these simple steps now without any third part tools we can burn DVD or CD’s in Windows 7. If you use any other free tools to burn DVD or CD’s in windows please let us know in comments section.


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