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Analyze page speed to measure performance

Pages loading faster will be given higher priority to be displayed on top in the search results. This is being considered as one of the parameters apart from other parameters being used to push a website on top of search results. For website owners and administrator it is essential to measure the page speed and check how much time they take for loading.

Google has developed PageSpeed Tool which is a free tool which can be used to analyze any website or pages which are accessible via internet. The tool does not require any registration and can be accessed online. The tool analyzes the page on various parameters like usability,readibility,loadability etc and reports the areas that the page is doing well and the areas that needs attention. The tool reports how the pages perform in mobile platform and desktop platform and displays a rating score out of 100. The tool reports if the images are optimized if javascript,CSS files etc are minified and various other metrics are reported

To use the tool visit PageSpeed Tool and click on Analyze your site online link. This will provide an interface to enter the website URL. Enter the URL of the website which needs to be analyzed and click Analyze. Once the Analysis is over the results are displayed with items which need immediate attention.



The results page shows two tabs one for how the website fared against the rules for mobile platform and the other for desktop platform. The results are categorized into groups like Should be Fixed which must be fixed immediately and the next group being Consider Fixing which are issues which can be fixed and the next group is the areas where the pages performed really well. These insights will help the administrators and owners of the website to optimize their websites for faster performance. Let us know in comments section how this tool has helped you to optimize your websites and increase the performance.


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