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5 Tools to check your website loading speed and measure the performance

When users visit your website they expect to load it faster else they are going to walk out to your competitor sites without spending much time in your website. Website loading speed is one of the key metric used by many search engines to push your pages on top of search results. It is essential for you to check this metric and fine tune the areas where it is currently taking  more time to load. In web world any website or page which gets loaded in less than 2 seconds is considered as most efficient website in terms of loading and performance. There can be so many reasons why your website is not loading faster. It can be problems related to your hosting, or problems related to the way content is being served, or caching and many other parameters. I am listing few tools which you can use to check your current performance and load time and also these tools reports key action areas that needs immediate attention to improve the performance of your website.

1. Pingdom tool

Pingdom is one of the most widely used tool by web masters to check the performance of their websites.  To get metrics for your website enter your website domain URL or any specific page URL and click Test Now.


After the test the tool reports the performance grade on a scale of 100 and the time taken to load the website. Click on Page analysis tabs which will give you various insights on the areas where the site is performing better and the areas where it lacks performance which needs to be addressed to improve the speed of your website

2. GTMetrix tool

GTMetrix is another tool which is most widely used. This tool uses other page performance tools like Page Speed and Yslow and then collate the results and report the performance of the website. Enter the URL and click Go and check the metrics. The metrics are broken separately base don Page Speed analysis and YSlow Analysis.


 Analyse the results and the items listed has High priority which needs immediate attention to improve the performance of the website.


3. LinkVendor tool

Linkvendor Website Performance tool is developed by SEO experts which measures the performance of the website and suggests how the site is performing against various parameters and lists the areas which downgrades the performance of the site which needs to be rectified immediately.


4. YSlow

Yslow is one of the leading tools used to measure the performance of website and has plugin available for most of the browsers. Yslow is a product from Yahoo and hence is recognized as one of the most credible tools to check the performance of websites. Install the extension for your browser and in the browser visit your website and then click on the extension and click Run Test and click on the Grade tab which lists the various categories and the items that needs immediate attention are listed.


5. Google PageSpeed Tool

PageSpeed Tool developed by Google is the one which I mostly use along with the other tools to check how my site loads on desktop as well as mobile platforms. You can check Use PageSpeed Tool to measure your website performance on how to use this tool.

These are many more tools which are present which does a similar function and I have listed 5 most widely used tools by web masters. Measure your website’s performance now using one of these  tools listed above and let us know which tool’s you used to track the performance of your website.


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  1. I personally use Pingdom tool to test my website speed – but when I registered to the website, I get more not just the loadtime – downtimes of the sites and I encourage guys to register at Pindom Tool for better results
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  2. Hi Jayshree,

    I am using GTmetrix tool. I am not use any other tool but find myself comfortable with GTmetrix. Thanks for sharing these tools 🙂

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