Tips to improve Youtube video quality [Infographic]


YouTube has become integral part of us,To relax and spend time we hit YouTube to watch some funny videos, To learn some new stuff we hit YouTube and watch some tutorials. We are now in a position where we cannot imagine a world without YouTube. There are many videos which are available in really high resolution.Don’t we go really wild ... Read More »

How to unblock facebook access using facebook proxy websites


Facebook is one of the leading social networking site with more than one billion active users. Using Facebook at work places or in colleges can be distracting for your work or studies. Hence the institution or corporation would have blocked access to Facebook and leading social networking sites within their network. They use various DNS techniques or firewall options or ... Read More »

How to create restore point in windows 7


In this how to guide I will show you how to create restore point in windows 7 which will come very handy when you have system issues. If  you are using Windows operating system you need to ensure that you have proper backup’s to help yourself  if something goes wrong in PC, where you can restore your system back to its normal ... Read More »

Creating facebook ads targeting external facebook campaign landing pages


If you are doing an online business or selling any products online then you have to consider Facebook marketing in your strategy to promote your products. When you create a advertisement  using Facebook you can direct the users to your Facebook fan page or to an external Facebook campaign landing page. If you want to increase your fans for your Fan page ... Read More »

How to convert VHS to DVD or other video formats


VHS has almost become obsolete or we can say it is almost dead now. We are completely into digital videos these days. But if you have tons of your older video collections in VHS and if it contains your precious memories or films stored in those VHS tapes then you can go ahead and convert VHS to DVD format and store them in your ... Read More »

Free dictionary app for Windows


Wordweb is one of the best free dictionary app available for windows.This thesaurus and dictionary is a one stop software  which has huge collection of words.The software has definitions and synonyms for more than 1,50,000 root words and has 1,20,000 synonyms. The program has dictionary available for various locales which can be chosen during the installation. The software is also available ... Read More »

Kindle app for android devices


Kindle is the invention from Amazon which changed the way  eBooks were handled. This device  gave the reader the feel as if they were holding the book in their hand and turn the pages one after another. The device revolutionized the eBook space by providing an innovative reading experience for electronic content. Amazon has released Kindle app for various platforms to have ... Read More »

How to download all YouTube videos in a playlist or a channel


YouTube is one of the most widely used website by majority of the internet users. Different age groups visit YouTube for various purposes ranging  from learning tutorials to listening music, watching movies etc. These frequently watched videos can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be viewed as many times as you want without wasting the internet bandwidth usage.If you ... Read More »

Android History – A Visual Timeline of Various Versions [Infographic]


Android is one of the leading mobile OS which has a huge market share. If we trace back Android history it was initially founded in 2003 by Android Inc and later acquired by Google in 2005.Android OS is the one which gives tough competition to iOS Platform. After its introduction there has always been a tough fight between both the ... Read More »

How to do wifi speed test to check your wifi performance


Most of us today have wifi enabled at home and we have multiple devices that gets connected to wifi router. With advanced wifi routers available in the market we get similar kind of internet speed that we get in wired networks. When you feel that your wifi is not performing upto the mark it is time to do wifi speed test and identify the bottleneck. ... Read More »